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Our Specialty: DNFT

Directional Non-Force Technique, better known as DNFT, is the only method of spinal correction used in our office.

Of more than forty types of Chiropractic analysis and adjustment, DNFT is by far the most popular among our patients because it brings about the quickest result, longest correction and is a virtually pain-free treatment.

Moreover, throughout the years since its discovery, DNFT has earned a reputation of being effective in difficult cases….cases in which conventional approaches have failed. The technique is based on the theory that a certain leg reflex can be used to located where a patient has a subluxation—a pinched nerve—and that it does not take a great deal of force to correct it.

There are no body twists or bone popping in this gentle procedure. It is effective whether a patient is a small infant, a senior citizen or someone with extreme pain or muscle spasms.

DNFT is a 4-part process:
1) It first demonstrates if the subluxation—pinched nerve—is actually causing the pain.
2) Once causation is established, it shows exactly which structure is producing it.
3) With the proper thrust effected by the doctor, the correction is made.
4) A post-test is conducted to demonstrate that the subluxation has been removed and nerve interference eliminated.